The Better Blind Company understand that successful hospitality environments rely on creation of a blend of style, comfort, privacy and durability.

Privacy, Comfort and Convenience

We understand that making your clientele feel comfortable at all times is a must. This may be achieved simply using products as blackout blinds, anti-glare blinds, curtains, window film or fly screens.

However, the ultimate in comfort, privacy and convenience may be provided by installation of fully automated window blinds and curtains, operating using remote control handsets, wall-switches – even timers and sensors.

Create a Unique Style

All of our blinds and curtains are custom made to your specifications. However, digital printing technology enables us to create a style and atmosphere that is 100% unique to your hospitality business.

Products that we can digitally print include Printed Blinds, Printed Wallpaper, Printed Window Film, Printed Canvases and last but not least, spectacular Printed Flooring. We are able to print any image onto these products, subject to the image being of a high enough quality.

With these digitally printed products, we can create a unique ambience, or transform a room into a stunning piece of artwork or a brand experience.

Food Hygiene, Health and Safety Legislation

Fly Screens are a legal requirement in areas that food is stored and prepared. We have a variety of fly screen solutions for both windows and doors to ensure your hospitality business complies.

Health and Safety regulations state that “Existing glazing must also be appropriately marked or featured so as to make it apparent and thus avoid the risk of collision because it is not properly visible.” Our manifestation window filming is perfect for fitting retrospectively to adhere to this regulation.

Price & Quality

We have taken time to choose fabrics and systems of only the highest quality. Our key focus is on maintaining quality and durability, at the lowest cost possible. This allows us to pass on the benefit to you in terms of extremely competitive pricing.

End to End Service

The Better Blind Company offers a comprehensive end-to-end service to its clients. Encompassed within this service are four main steps: Consultation, Survey, Installation and Maintenance.

BETTERcare – Tracking, Maintenance and Cleaning

Your clients won’t appreciate window blinds that appear tired and worn, or worse still dirty. BETTERcare is the Better Blind Company’s unique care package that can be applied to both existing blinds and newly installed blinds. BETTERcare consists of bar-code tracking of an organisation’s stock of window blinds and then building an inspection, maintenance and cleaning cycle around your requirements. BETTERcare can reduce your spend on replacement window blinds by as much as 60%.

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