Our product range has been developed with an emphasis on durability and cost effectiveness. Our products have the reliability and functionality required for installation in operational buildings whilst offering home comforts in officer and staff accommodation.

Window Blinds: We offer window blinds systems and fabrics with a variety of properties including fire retardance, blackout, solar protective coatings.

Window Film: We offer a wide range of window films aimed at reducing solar glare and energy wastage, as well as meeting health, safety and security requirements. Specialist ranges includes bomb proof window and manifestation window filming.

Curtain Tracking and Curtains: Our curtain tracks and curtains are suitable for officer and staff accommodation.

Cubical Tracking and Curtains: Our range of cubical tracking is in use at many of the UK’s healthcare establishments and is ideally suited for medical facilities within military campuses. Our innovative product range includes mobile cubical tracking and overhead intravenous track systems.

Fly Screens: The requirement for fly screens is two fold.Compliance with food hygiene regulations and providing home comforts within accommodation for overseas staff and officers. Government legislation states that any area where food is prepared much be protected with fly screens on the windows and doors.


At the Better Blind Company we understand that your requirements are the top priority. We have built our reputation on the belief that no matter no how big or small the job it should be treated as high priority.


We have over 20 years experience working with the defence sector, closely liaising with project managers. This means that when working with the Better Blind Company you can be sure we will be able to stick to your deadlines no matter how large the project is.


Whether you need maintenance on a one-off basis or a contractual basis we will be happy to comply. Our cleaning service utilises the latest ultra sonic blind cleaning technology. One of the main benefits of blind cleaning is the cost effectiveness. Also cleaning blinds is a very environmentally friendly compared to the alternative option of replacing the blinds.

Standards and Credentials

When we talk about our experience with the defence sector we are talking about military buildings and campuses, operation offices, officer and staff accommodation. We recognize that the key products in the defence sector are: Window film, roller & vertical blinds, curtain & cubical tracking and fly screens. All of our products are manufactured with durability and cost effectiveness in mind.

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