Cassette Blinds

  • Spring, chain, crank or electric operation
  • 100% Blackout available
  • Max Width: 4000mm
  • Max Drop 4000mm
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Electric Operation Cassette Blinds (C75)

Cassetted Blinds

Our Cassetted blinds and Cassetted Blackout Blinds programme is specifically designed with more intensive commercial environments in mind such as hospitals and educational establishments such as schools and universities, where degrees of light exclusion or hard wearing and vandal-resistant profiles, fixings and controls are often needed. This does not necessarily mean they are unsuitable for other applications, they are still widely used in many commercial and residential applications.

Technical Specification

System and Fabric Manufactures:
Our Cassetted blinds feature components and fabrics from leading brands and manufactures including DEFIANT, Louvolite and Eclipse.

System Construction:
At the core of this programme of cassetted blinds and cassetted blackout blinds are high quality and durable aluminium roller barrell, cassette, side channels and fixings.

Models and Features:
The following models of Cassetted Blinds are available.

The C2 range of cassetted blinds are simply a robust and modern alternative to standard non-cassetted roller blinds.

• C20 - Sidewinder
• C22 – Slow rise spring
• C24 – Crank operation
• C25 – Electric operation

Our C4 range includes attractive aluminium side channels. These side channels help to retain the fabric in position, and when used in conjunction with blackout fabric will also give a degree of light exclusion.

• C40 - Sidewinder
• C42 – Slow rise spring
• C44 – Crank operation
• C45 – Electric operation

The C7 range are high performance blackout blinds offering the highest possible degree of light exclusion by means of brush seals and light transfer baffles in the side channels and head boxes. Such features make the C7 range suitable for photographic and medical environments. They are also widely used in conference rooms, lecture theatres and laboratories,

• C70 Tape control
• C72 Spring control
• C74 Crank operation
• C75 Electric operation
• C76/C77 Overhead crank or Electric operation

For full details of the individual models, please consult Cassetted Blinds Technical Literature.

Fabric Options:
Cassette Blinds from our range are available in a vast range of flame retardant fabrics. Fabric types and properties include those detailed below and will be selected with the exact requirements of the end user in mind.
• Dim-out  
• Blackout
• Solar Reflective
• Sun Screen
• Solar Film
• Anti-Bacterial / Anti Microbial
• Machine Washable
• Wipe Clean

Our range of Cassetted Blinds requires little or no maintenance, with components made from durable materials that will not corrode under normal circumstances. If for some reason damage to the components does occur, most are replaceable. All fabrics have high levels of stability and colour fastness.

Size Restrictions:
Our PDF product literature offers guidance on the size restrictions of each cassetted blind model. This will allow you to make an informed decision on which model to specify, so that you can be confident of long lasting and trouble free operation. For avoidance of doubt, please feel free to contact us on 0800 169 3765.


Click here to download a PDF of the Cassette Blinds Product Specification.
•To request a hard copy of our cassette blind technical literature click here.

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