Throughout 20 years of manufacturing, selling and installing products, we have worked with many different government clients including: local authorities, and government funded organisations and agencies.

Price & Quality

We understand that government funded and managed organisations are under pressure adhere to tight budgets, whilst maintaining quality. Our key focus is on maintaining quality and durability, at the lowest cost possible. This allows us to pass on the benefit to you in terms of extremely competitive pricing.

Energy Saving

Installing blinds with energy saving fabrics and window film in large properties can save thousands of pounds each year by minimising spend on heating and cooling. Each fabric in our collection has been given a rating between 1 and 3, 1 being the best fabric for energy saving.

Anti Glare

Glare from the sun coming through large panes of glass can be extremely irritating to staff. If the glare is too intense staff productivity can be drastically reduced. Our anti-glare window film and screen fabric blinds are ideal for controlling glare and maintaining a comfortable working environment and productive staff.

Maximising Natural Light

We also have a number of solutions aimed at maximising use of natural light, thus saving energy and money by reducing reliance on artificial lighting. These solutions range from “light shelf” blinds to blinds automated with light sensors.

End to End Service

The Better Blind Company offers a comprehensive end-to-end service to its clients. Encompassed within this service are four main steps: Consultation, Survey, Installation and Maintenance.

BETTERcare – Tracking, Cleaning, Inspection & Maintenance

BETTERcare is the Better Blind Company’s unique care package that can be applied to both existing blinds and newly installed blinds. BETTERcare consists of bar-code tracking of an organisation’s stock of window blinds and then building an inspection, maintenance and cleaning cycle around your requirements. BETTERcare can reduce your spend on replacement window blinds by as much as 60%.

Health & Safety

At The Better Blind Company we adhere to the best practices in hygiene, health and safety procedures which ensure incident free survey, installation and maintenance. All operatives are provided with personal protective equipment and are fully educated in appropriate usage.

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