Electric Blinds and Curtains

  • Somfy, Lutron, Nice, Tehniku & Becker
  • Battery and Mains Power
  • Radio, IR and Wired Control
  • Integration with AV / Automation Systems
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Electric Blinds and Electric Curtains


Our electric blinds programme is very comprehensive. We are able to motorize all blind types using an array of automation systems. Electric blinds have many benefits including convenience, accessibility, savings in heating and cooling cost, increased staff productivity, security and privacy.

Technical Specification

System and Fabric Manufacturers:

Blind Types:

Power Options:

Our electric blinds systems can be powered by either a 12v Battery, or a mains power -24v or 240v. Choice of power source will depend on a number of factors including size and type of blind, environment, and availability of mains power.

Control Options:

Electric Blinds and Curtains can be controlled individually or in banks. There are 4 main forms of control:


We are able to tailor the service they provide. If you are comfortable measuring, installing and configuring the blind yourself, then we can simply supply you with the blind. However, many clients take advantage of our full consultation, survey, installation and configuration service. We can become involved at any stage of the planning or implementation process and work alongside electrical contractors and automation system specialists.


Comfort and Convenience: Whether it is a domestic or commercial application, Electric Blinds and Curtains add an extra level of comfort and convenience.

Accessibility: Due to window height or location window blinds and curtains can often be out of reach. Our electric blinds eliminate accessibility issues. They are also useful for clients with disabilities.

Security and privacy: Timers can be pre-programmed to open and close your blinds at specific times. This can act as a deterrent to thieves, and also provide the comfort of privacy.

Energy Saving: Depending on fabric choice Blinds and Curtains have can insulate and reflect keeping buildings cool in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Automation ensures this benefit is realised and can reduce cooling/heating spend and environmental impact. Used in tandem with sensor driven lighting, automated blinds can help regulate natural light, therefore cutting down on energy usage on artificial lighting.

Staff Productivity: Solar Glare and Heat are common causes of staff discomfort. Binds and curtains often have to be constantly adjusted and artificial lighting turned on and off. This can inhibit staff productivity. Automated blinds, especially where used controlled with sensors, and implemented in tandem with sensor driven lighting, can remove this discomfort and distraction, increasing staff productivity.

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