At the Better Blind Company, we have built our product and service offering, supply chain and operations around environmental considerations. We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the environment as it affects us all.

We consider the environmental effect of all of our actions. Here are the three main areas of consideration, and some examples of how we address concerns in these areas:

Choice of product

• Maintain and Cleaning service – Instead of replacing blinds periodically, we suggest you consider our maintenance and cleaning services. This saves money and eliminates the need to manufacture new blinds and dispose of existing blinds, which reduces your impact on the environment.
• Wooden Venetians – A major environmental concern is deforestation. One of our supplier’s of wooden blinds has addressed this concern by participating in the forest regeneration project.
• Environmentally Efficient – We use the British Blind and Shutter Association’s “Shade Specifier” software to calculate which blind and fabric choice will yield the highest returns in terms of energy savings.

Choice of supplier

• In addition to reducing our own impact on the environment, we also use suppliers that understand and also work hard to reduce their impact.


• Recyclable materials – We aim to recycle every item waste possible - from paper used in the office, to waste aluminium, to plastic and cardboard packaging.
• Journey planning – Care is taken by our survey and installation planners to ensure that the most efficient route is taken when planning survey and installation diaries.
• Removal of waste from site – Once we have finished on the site, we leave it in the same state as when we arrived. If the waste is recyclable we shall recycle it.

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