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Window Blinds and Window Film are inherently well suited to commercial/office environments. Better Blind Company can advise you on how to turn an item that is traditionally seen merely as a functional window covering, into something that adds real value to your business through cost savings, increases in productivity, reductions in absenteeism, environmental benefits and brand awareness.

Glare and Heat Reduction = Increased Productivity

Glare and heat from the sun coming through large windows can be extremely irritating to staff and clients, often reducing staff productivity and client comfort. Window film used in conjunction with Window Blinds, can reduce the heat gain and eliminate glare and thus increase staff and client comfort and productivity.

Natural Lighting = Lower Levels of Absenteeism

Where glare and heat is a constant problem, it is often the case that blinds are left permanently closed, leading to office workers spending the majority of their working hours under artificial light. Worse still, if office lighting is not sensor driven, employees can be left sitting in gloomy, badly lit corners. Poor lighting and lack of natural sunlight are two of the contributing factors to what is commonly known as “sick building” syndrome, which can lead to higher levels of absenteeism.

Better Blind Company can guide you in the choice of appropriate blind and fabric types, and window film types to maximise levels of natural lighting. “Light shelf” blinds are an excellent way of cutting out glare and heat but maintaining natural light levels. Screen fabrics are another fantastic way of cutting out the glare and maintaining a view of the outside world and natural light.

Natural Lighting = Energy & Cost Saving

In addition to reducing absenteeism, maintaining natural light levels can of course reduce reliance on artificial lighting, thus saving energy, providing a cost saving and helping reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Heat Reduction = Energy & Cost Saving

In fact, the role of Window Blinds and Window Film in reducing carbon emissions goes well beyond efficiencies from lighting. Energy saving blinds and window film can save businesses with large properties thousands of pounds each year by minimising your reliance on heating and cooling systems. As well as the very real cost saving, using less energy reduces the environmental impact of your business.

Automation Turns Potential Benefits into Real Benefits

Automated blinds provide a step change in the benefits described above, by removing reliance on staff members to operating the blinds. This is especially the case when used in conjunction with sensor driven lighting and air-conditioning. Blinds can be controlled by sensors, timers, wall switches or remote controls. They can also be integrated with automation systems such as Lutron, Rako and Crestron. Automated blinds are a proven way of ensuring that benefits – such as increased productivity, energy cost savings, reduction in carbon emissions, lower absenteeism and reduction in damage are actually achieved.

Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is very important for companies of all sizes. Digitally printed blinds, wallpaper, window film and flooring allow your building to express your corporate branding efforts.

End to End Service

The Better Blind Company offers a comprehensive end-to-end service to its clients. Encompassed within this service are four main steps: Consultation, Survey, Installation and Maintenance.

BETTERcare – Tracking, Maintenance and Cleaning

BETTERcare is the Better Blind Company’s unique care package that can be applied to both existing blinds and newly installed blinds. BETTERcare consists of bar-code tracking of an organisation’s stock of window blinds and then building an inspection, maintenance and cleaning cycle around your requirements. BETTERcare can reduce your spend on replacement window blinds by as much as 60%.

Health & Safety

All businesses have a duty of care to their employees. Manifestation Window filming plays a part in compliance with Health and Safety regulations, which state that “Existing glazing must also be appropriately marked or featured so as to make it apparent and thus avoid the risk of collision because it is not properly visible.” Manifestation film is perfect for fitting retrospectively to adhere to this regulation. Safety window filming minimises risk of injury from glass in case of breakage or collision.

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