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Curtain Tracking


Our programme of curtain tracks is one of the most comprehensive available, with the attention to design quality that you would expect from The Better Blind Company. From motorised heavy duty tracks for large stage curtains, to cord drawn or hand drawn tracks, within our programme, there is an ideally matched solution to every curtain track requirement.

Technical Specification

System Manufactures:

Our curtain track programme features components and systems from leading brands and manufactures including Vitesse and Silent Gliss.

We are also able to supply curtains in fabrics from all major suppliers.

System Constructions:

Our curtain tracking systems comprise of high quality aluminium tracking, high grade plastic and sturdy and unobtrusive aluminium brackets.

Models and Features:

Many of our curtain fabrics are inherently fire-retardant and all are available with blackout lining.

Our curtain track programme can be broadly split into 3 series of curtain tracks – Hand Drawn, Cord Drawn and Electrically Motorised.

Each series contains a number of different track models. Each model is designed to be strong, reliable, and to give years of trouble-free operation.

5000 Series – Hand Drawn Curtains Tracks: The hand drawn range comprises 12 different aluminium track profiles,

7000 Series – Cord Drawn Curtain Tracks: The cord drawn range comprises 11 different aluminium track profiles.

800 Series – Electric Motorised Curtain Tracks: The electric motorised range comprises 4 different aluminium track profiles.

In selecting operation method and track model, it is necessary to assess a number of different factors including total curtain size & curtain weight, aesthetic requirements, usage intensity and specific end user requirements.

The literature available below will provide a guide to enable specifiers to select a curtain track model. Better Blind Company is able to provide further advice regarding model and operation method at any stage of your project cycle.

Special Options:

For areas where there is a high risk of self harm by ligature, such as mental hospitals and prisons we have created curtain tracks to work with our Kestrel Anti-Ligature Magnetic Suspension System. The tracks are suspended using a magnet, if an excessive load is placed on the track it is released from the magnet. Once the issue is resolved a member of staff can re-attach it easily.

The curtain tracking models that are available with Kestrel Magnetic are as follows:

K6500 Curtain Track: The K6500 is an aluminium lightweight track with roller runners which makes it ideal for hospitals.

K9500 Flexible Curtain Track: The flexible curtain track is manufactured using a special plastic formulation which is designed to prevent violent prisoners and psychiatric patients from using the track as a weapon. The plastic is a shatter proof material which leaves no sharp edges if deliberately broken.


Our range curtain tracks require little or no maintenance, with components made from durable materials that will not corrode under normal circumstances. If for some reason damage to the components does occur, most are replaceable with spares available from the Better Blind Company. Tracks with roller runners should not be lubricated. Tracks with gliders may be lubricated occasionally with a sparing application of silicone.

Size Restrictions:

The PDF product literature below offers details which allow specifiers to make an informed decision on model and operation method, according to curtain size and weight and other key factors. Alternatively, contact Better Blind Company Limited for further advice.


For full details of the individual models, please consult our literature, which can be downloaded by clicking below.

Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

To request a hard copy of our curtain tracking technical literature click here.

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